#PortDay Tasting in Lisbon!

#PortDay is coming and Adegga together with the good guys at Desafios da Adega will be organizing an informal Port wine tasting in Lisbon.

The International Port Day (or #PortDay) is an initiative of the Center for Wine Origins. The idea is to promote that true Port comes from the Douro wine region in Portugal.

There are many quality fortified and dessert wines, but true Port only comes from the Port appellation in Portugal, one of the world’s oldest regulated and demarcated wine regions. Port grapes are grown in the Douro Valley, located approximately 60 miles from the city of Porto, where Port gets its name.

Following Luiz Alberto’s appeal and the FTLOP Challenge (check it, you can win a full Douro trip!) we’ll be meeting in Lisbon to taste some really good Port wine!

Date & Time: January 27th, from 19:00.
Location: Restaurante Rubro (Praça de Touros, Campo Pequeno)
Cost: Free entry. If you’re eating we’ll be splitting the bill (should be around 10 euros each).

Seats are limited. Please make a reservation through info@desafiosdaadega.com or adegga@adegga.com

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A successful Adegga Wine Market 2011! (with video)

Last 1st of December we hosted the 2011 edition of the Adegga Wine Market in Lisbon and – boy, oh, boy – we had so much fun!

We spent months preparing for a unique event, after all this was the 3rd edition of the Wine Market and we wanted it to be special. And it was. More than 900 wine lovers showed up to taste and buy wines from 35 wine producers.

Words cannot describe the feeling of the event but this video does a really good job.

The Official Wine List of the Wine Market contains the impressive list of great Portuguese wines (and some examples from other countries) that were available at the event.

The Premium Room
This year we wanted to give wine lovers a chance to taste some special Portuguese wines. For that we created the Premium Room and curated an impressive list of Premium Portuguese Wines including 7 Ports (and a very special Ferreira Porto Vintage 1863!) and 9 Top Reds all presented by a top notch Portuguese Sommelier (Manuel Moreira). It was a unique tasting.

The Premium Room had a impressive and delicious list of Port wines!

Great feedback
We love getting feedback! We’re chuffed to bits with all the emails and Facebook and Twitter messages that you guys have sent us. Thank you. Do keep updating the Facebook event page with your messages.

Lots of good articles have also been written about the Wine Market (this time in Portuguese). Thank you Ricardo Bernardo, Pingus Vinicus, Carlos Janeiro (also a special on the Premium Room), Rui Barradas Pereira, Ema Martins, Nuno Monteiro and Ricardo Oliveira and Jorge Nunes for all your feedback.

Special Guests
Adegga has lots of special friends and supporters from around the world. This year we invited Luiz Alberto, Onne Wan, Caroline Henry and Roger Kolbu to attend the Adegga Wine Market and share with us their view on the event and the wines.

Here are their opinions and wine recommendations from the event:

Ricardo Bernardo spent the event capturing some amazing photos from the event and posting them on Facebook. You can now see the full album here. Luiz Alberto has taken some really nice photos of his favorite labels.

The team
Last, but oh so definitely not least. A big thank you to all the people who have helped us host such a great event.. Thank you most of all to our friends and volunteers who tirelessly helped us before, during and after the event. We love you too.

A big thank you also to the producers and their amazing wines for supporting us!

Now it’s time to celebrate and enjoy some wine! Here’s to a fantastic 2012 full of great wines!

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We have a new COO!

Exciting news for Adegga! André Cid, one the co-founders of Adegga, has now joined the team full-time as the new Chief Operating Officer. André will be heading day-to-day operations around here and, with him on board, we’ll be able to do a lot more and a lot faster.

You can easily find André on Facebook and Twitter. You can also reach him via email at andre.cid@adegga.com. If you’re looking for his favorite wines and tasting notes do follow him on Adegga too.

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to include this infamous picture of us:

More exciting news coming on the next few days!

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Adegga Selection: Buy wine selected by the community!

Today we’re launching an exciting new feature that will make Social Wine Discovery even more interesting! We’ve called it Adegga Selection and here’s all about it:

What is Adegga Selection?
Adegga Selection is a new wine promotion service where, every 2 weeks, community selected wines will be featured and sold. Adegga Selection will help wine lovers find great wines at great prices with the help of the Adegga community.

How are the wines selected?
Every week wine producers send us new wine samples to taste. Instead of tasting them ourselves we think the community should have that opportunity. Every couple of weeks we’ll organize a tasting event where we’ll bring all these wines to taste. Occasionally we’ll also ship the wine to active Adegga community members. Then if the wine is considered to be interesting (through online reviews, comments, etc) it will join the Selection wine list and it will be featured in one of the next 2-week slots.

What type of wines will be featured?
We’ll be featuring new launches, community favorites and exclusive wines.

When is a new Selection offer available?
Every 2 weeks. Subscribe to Adegga Selection or follow us on Twitter using adeggaselection to know immediately when we launch a new offer.

Where is it Adegga Selection available?
Adegga Selection is only available in Portugal for now. We plan to extend this to other countries in the next few months.

What? Is Adegga now a wine shop?
Definitely not. Adegga Selection is a wine promotion tool that gets people talking about a group of wines. These wines will always be sold in limited quantities and we’ll continue to link to all wine shops like we’ve been doing since the beginning. We think selling limited quantities of a wine is a great way to help wineries promote their wines and to show how the Adegga community can help other people choose wine.

Who ships the wine?
We do. Adegga negotiates each promotion directly with the wine producer and then the team processes each order.

I’m a wine producer, how can I participate?
If you’re a wine producer and you’re interested in having your wines featured please email us at selection@adegga.com.

I have an unanswered question!
Contact us via selection@adegga.com

Adegga is a wine community that helps people share wine experiences and wine producers promote their wines. With the new Adegga Selection (Twitter: adeggaselection) service we hope we can accomplish the above mission even better!

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We have a new design!

We’ve been working on a new design for a while and today’s the day we’re able to show it to everyone else.

We have new pages, new icons and new colors but the new design brings a lot more than a change in colors and fonts. We want Adegga to be much more comfortable for wine lovers to discover, share and enjoy wine and we worked hard to get the right design for that.

The reasons
We know how important design can be in the experience of using a website. Adegga worked really well but lacked the smoothness that only a great design can give to a web experience. The new design brings that smoothness to Adegga and will allow even more sharing between wine lovers.

We also have a lot of new things ready to be launched. However we felt that they needed a new canvas in order to be better integrated. The new design is much more flexible and we’ll now be able to launch new features every week.

Designed by CoreFactor
The new design was created by Core Factor, a company with whom we share an office in Lisbon. We’re very proud of their work and look forward to work with them again in the near future.

No more talking. Go ahead, explore the new design and let us know what you think.

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Using Bag-In-Box to Promote Quality Wine

Buying wine in a Bag-in-Box is a growing trend in the wine world. Consumers are starting to accept bag-in-box as another type a wine packaging and, at the same time, wineries are discovering the amazing world of promotional opportunities that this new type of packaging provides.

Here are two great examples of wineries that creatively using the bag-in-box as a way promote their quality wines.

has been asked by an importer from a northern European country to develop a special bag-in-box packaging for that market. The box has an unusual format easily standing out from other boxes and improving on their normal dull design. This a bag-in-box that you can bring to the table.

Because a bag-in-box has much more print space than the normal wine label, the new Oscar’s box includes a lot of useful information including the link to the wine’s own site, to the a page on Facebook to the Adegga Verified Winery profile and of course the AVIN of the wine.


Bipartito by Casa Santos Lima is a very interesting concept of Bag-in-Box that includes 2 bags in each box. This way you have the possibility of enjoying two different wines or at anytime doing a blending. With two different grape varietals (one is Touriga Nacional and the other Castelão) this bag-in-box allows the consumer to discover these two varietals on his own and learn about them at his own pace. It’s a great example of wine education made possible by the packaging creativity of the winery.


Bag-in-box is a type of wine packaging that is basically a plastic container protected by a cardboard box. The main reason to use a bag-in-box is the fact that it prevents oxidation of the wine during dispensing. Wine inside the bag is not touched by air so you can drink as much or as little as you want and still maintain the wine oxidation-free for a couple of weeks. The fact that a bag-in-box normally includes a small plastic tap makes it a very practical packaging to serve wine in a family dinner or a party.

On the downside, bag-in-box is considered to have an unopened shelf life shorter than bottled wine. This has been one the main reasons consumers normally connect bag-in-box and low priced / low quality wine. However, a lot of wine sold today is not made to be kept in the cellar for many years but consumed immediately or in just a few years.


There’s something special about opening a bottle of wine. However that’s not to say that wine can’t be packaged in new and interesting ways. Ways that can be at the same time a promotional opportunity for a winery and a great reason for a consumer to interact with his favorite wines.

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Adegga on a birthday dinner to remember

This post starts a new series on the blog where posts will be written by some of the members of our community. The first post was written by Hugo Mesquita, a long time Adegga member. (see end of post for a short bio)

I have just spent a lovely evening with my family and friends last Saturday, celebrating my 35th birthday.

Being totally conscious that I know very little about wine, my passion for it made me bolder and willing to convince them to love wine as much as I do and try to get them to know it better. Therefore, I decided to take the chance and organize a wine tasting! I asked for the help of Nuno, the owner of the Restaurant Neptuno (a gorgeous place at Aguda Beach, Arcozelo, Portugal, right next to Miramar golf course), and he allowed us to (ab)use their hospitality and welcome a wine tasting at their fabulous place right by the beach. The point was that we could all enjoy the fantastic sunset while tasting the wines and the great delicacies that Nuno and their team prepared for us at his restaurant.

This evening was powered by Adegga. I took my laptop and connected it to the large screen on the restaurant, in order to present the wines as long as we were tasting them. So, when we tried a different wine, I was showing the page at Adegga about that same wine and everyone could share the information and opinions “online”. Of course that we did all to impress our guests, and so additionally I provided information about the wine regions, grape varieties, etc. We also handed out the aromas wheel and all the necessary gear for everyone to write down their tasting as long as we went.

Among other things, I got a fantastic T-shirt as present

Knowing in beforehand that none of us are wine specialists in anyhow, we started out with a small trick that Andre Ribeirinho taught me: we served the same wine (a Vinho Verde Loureiro, very aromatic) in three different glasses – typical whisky glass, typical long drink glass and wine glass – to prove that the glass has major influence on our senses and on the way we taste the same wine.

We then spent a magnificent evening, with a journey around Portuguese wines – you can see the list below and my impressions over at Adegga – and then moved into the fantastic dishes that Nuno’s staff prepared for us for dinner.

Quinta do Ameal Loureiro 2008
Alvarinho Soalheiro 2009
Aveleda Follies Chardonnay e Maria Gomes 2007
Cortes de Cima Syrah 2005
Cavalo Maluco 2006
Ex Libris 2006
Quinta Do Portal Late Bottled Vintage 2000
Rozés Noble Late Harvest 2008

We fell in love with many of these wines, really! After tasting some of them, we do not really feel like coming down again!

Thank you all for helping organize it and for those who enjoyed it, we must do it again!

Bio: Hugo Mesquita is a wine and cork lover, who happens to travel around the world in places where you have rarely been. Hugo has been working for Amorim for over 12 years. He is Area Sales Manager in charge of the Eastern European and Asian markets.

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Adegga presenting at the London Wine Fair

This week we’re at the London Wine Fair more specifically at The Access Zone.

Together with a few other interesting companies (Catavino, WineConversation and WineFindr) we’re powering the stand and giving talks about our services and Social Media in the wine world.

I’ve presented on Day 1 and talked about Adegga and the AVIN, our ISBN for wine. As always we had a nice conversation after the talk. Here’s a video of the presentation:

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Twinelis With Adegga

Hey Adegga Fans!
We’re going to be organizing the next Twinelis here in Lisbon this coming Monday, May 10th!  The event will be held at Restaurante Rubro at Praça de Touros in Campo Pequeno and goes from 7 -11pm.  

Come join us then for some great wine, awesome food and amazing people by RSVP’ing here on the Facebook.

Also, this time we’ll have Ryan & Gabriella from Catavino who are in town and will join us.

Hope to see you all there!

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Adegga at Fine Wine 2010 in Ribera del Duero

After having been at Alimentaria 2010, we are going to be at Fine Wine 2010 in Aranda del Duero, Spain at the end of the month!

Spain’s prestigious Ribera del Duero wine region will be hosting its 3rd International Conference, aimed exclusively for professionals working in the premium wine sector.

We’ll be there to hear and talk to some people from the very interesting speakers list.

Let us know if you’ll be attending the event, as we’ll be available to meet over a glass of wine.

Hope to see you there!

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