A new design for the Dynamic Wine Label

The back label on the Cortes de cima 2007 has been redesigned to include a new version of the Adegga Dynamic Wine label concept.

The back label includes an AVIN (the wine’s unique number) and a QRCode that allows anyone with a mobile phone to access the wine’s mobile page on Adegga and check reviews and prices.

The difference to the old label is that there’s a new line of text: Scan or Google. This was added to make it easier for people to understand what to do with the AVIN and the QRCode.

Cortes de cima was an early adopter of the Dynamic Wine Labels technology and continues to help us innovate the concept.

If you’re interested in adding this technology to your wines let us know so we can help you do it.

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  • http://www.cortesdecima.pt Carrie Jorgensen

    We find that a lot of our customers are unfamiliar with the QR Code and AVIN, so we realize that it is important to do more to educate our customers about them.

    However, occasionally we run across someone who is completely familiar with them, and thinks it is great to find them on a wine bottle! Those people quickly whip their cellphones out of their pocket and get into action, scanning the code and ‘presto!’ up pops the full tasting notes and other info from the Adegga site!

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