A Wonderful EWBC 2009!

There’s so much to say about the last European Wine Bloggers Conference that happened in Lisbon and we’ve haven’t said a word.

First let me say that the second edition of the EWBC was special. Special for several different reasons. It was special because 150 people showed up in Lisbon (coming from around the World) to discuss wine and new media and it proved to be a worthwhile experience. It was also special because we had the opportunity of seeing again some of the people that have been changing the wine world by creating, writing, editing, wine-making and promoting like it hasn’t been done before. That takes courage and lots of work and it should be praised.

Finally it was special because every time we have the opportunity of sharing wine with good friends it should definitely be special.
Friends of wine
(Photo by Ryan Opaz)
Here are my thoughts trying to resume our view of the conference:

  • We are very proud to have been part of the team (with Ryan and Gabriella from Catavino and Robert from The Wine Conversation) that organized the EWBC.
  • We’re also proud to have hosted the 2009 edition in Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon is a great city to host an event and we heard very heart-warming comments about the food, the places but most of all the people.
  • More than 150 people attended the conference. A big increase from last year’s 40. Wine bloggers, wine writers, wine producers and many more wine lovers came from all over the World to share their passion for wine.

    (Photo by MagnaCasta)
  • The Douro Boys grand tasting was an impressive demonstration of what great wines supported by a great unified message can do. Everyone was impressed. Also, their 2-day trip to the Douro will definitely become a legend.
  • Charles Metcalfe final tasting was amazing. Not only we did the first ever Adegga screen-guided tasting but we also had the opportunity of hearing Charles singing in Portuguese (or so it seemed!).
  • More than 130 wines were available for tasting at the event. It was a great opportunity for Portuguese wines and a good number of Portuguese wineries showed up and supported the event. Well done!
  • ViniPortugal, the association that promotes Portuguese wines supported the event almost from the start. A great example coming from a national body.
  • Lots of other people supported the conference in one way or another: Vinhos do Alentejo, DOC-DMC, Douro Boys, Amorim, Esporão, Wine in Moderation, DO-Catalunya, Vinoble and L’AND Vineyards.
  • The design hotel was amazing and the staff were incredible during the conference. A high class hotel with an impeccable service record. Highly recommended.
  • The Eleven Restaurant was a nice night out with plenty of opportunities for nice conversations.
  • Lots of content is online regarding the event: videos of the talks, more than 1000 photos and lots of blog posts.
  • The final dinner (and following party!) was nothing short of amazing. A really friendly group got together after 3 days of talking wine and really enjoyed themselves. If there’s any proof that there’s special feeling of group behind the EWBC, the final dinner and party was definitely a confirmation of it.
  • We designed and produced a special handmade wine glass holder that we developed specially for the EWBC. We hope people found it useful and will be using it in the future.
  • Counting on the great number of nice comments of received around the Web I would say we did a great job of making sure everyone had WiFi throughout the conference.

Adegga & AVIN
We spent the event talking about Adegga and the unique code for wine we developed, the AVIN. We did a presentation and even included a live demo of the QRCode powered wine label. Everyone was impressed with the work we’ve been doing and we received great feedback! Thank you all so much for the support!
Andre Ribeirinho presenting Adegga and the AVIN
(Photo by Cortes de Cima)

I couldn’t end this post without making sure you watch this great EWBC video by the great Finkus Bripp:

We can’t wait for the 2010 edition of the EWBC. Wherever and whenever it happens you can be certain that we will be there!

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