Adegga and AVIN presentation at the EWBC 2009 (video)

Last October we had a chance of being on stage at the European Wine Bloggers Conference and present the work we have been doing at Adegga and the AVIN.

Below is the video of that presentation where during 10 minutes we do a tour of Adegga and show the cool stuff you can do like tracking the wines you’ve tasted and talk to other wine lovers. We then do a demo of the AVIN project including a quick example of Adegga’s mobile version and the direct access via QRCodes on wine labels.

Please enjoy the video:

(Filmed by VinusTV)

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  • Carrie Jorgensen

    This talk was very informative for those unfamiliar with AVIN. It’s what is needed to help spread the word! I hope you are thinking of presenting the AVIN at the next WBC in Walla Walla, and the next EWBC in Vienna?

  • Andre Ribeirinho

    Videos are in fact one of the best ways of showing the work we’re doing and getting the project into different types of consumers.

    We’re considering presenting at the WBC and will for sure be at the EWBC. Besides that will be at other non-wine related conferences presenting the project in order to get adoption from even more people

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