Ask your wine questions on the new Adegga Answers!

We’ve just launched a brand new service: Adegga Answers!

What is it?
Adegga Answers is a place where anyone can ask any question about wine.

Who answers the questions?
You, me and all the other members of the community can help you find an answer to your question.


If you’re following someone who posted a new question you’ll be able to see the question and the answers on your activity list. This way you can easily be updated when there’s a new question from one of your friends.

Adegga Answers is like Yahoo! Answers but for wine lovers. It’s a place where we can all discuss wine related subjects. If you’re wine novice please ask your questions! If you know a lot about wine this is the place to share your knowledge.

We hope you like it. Any suggestions or bugs please let us know. We’ll make sure to implement them quickly.

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