Adegga featured on Wine Social Media Report

We’ve been featured in the first Wine Industry Social Media report and we’re very happy to see our hard work displayed with such respect. Adegga is identified as an innovative and forward thinking service and is (honoured to be) copied frequently by competitors.

It is obviously with great responsibility that we accept the VinTank’s recommendation as company to watch. We’ll continue our work to make Adegga one of the best wine social platforms out there!


VinTank‘s Wine Industry Social Media report aims to explore the impact that social networks and social networking tools like Adegga are having on the wine industry.

I’m not going to mention everything that is written about us on the report as you can read it here but I would like to point out some things are think are good examples of the work we’ve been doing.

  • Data cleanliness Est. 95% (due to the AVIN): we work very hard on this point. In fact one of the founders is solely responsible for making sure the wine information is correct and the AVIN is doing it’s magic.
  • Innovative  and  a  forward  thinking: we are problem solvers focused on the end user. Everything we do is user-centered and aims to solve an existing problem. The solutions that we have come up with reflect exactly that approach and we think there’s still a lot that needs to be done.
  • Some Things We Found that Stood Out: a lot of features were stood out in the report: Follow the producer, Activity updates, Social Share, Useful ratings, Who is blogging about this wine, Multi-score ratings, Adding wines, Where to buy, Adegga mobile and some more
  • Wine unique coding through the AVIN: the IBSN for wine that we’ve been developing since the beginning of the project is about to enter a use and distribute phase where more people will be able to use it in many different ways. We listen very carefully to the reports feedback and agree that we need to need to collaborate with other entities to solve the problem as a group.
  • Extensibility and the API: it’s not a secret anymore that we’ll be making easier to use Adegga information in different ways through our soon to be launched API (application programming interface)
  • Multi-language: Adegga is currently available in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese) and we’re working with our members to extend to other languages (next are German and Italian).

This report is one of the first deep looks into wine social media and should be used as a starting point guide into getting yourself acquainted with what is going on.

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  • Mark Norman

    This is a very influential report that will help reshape the wine industry. If you work in any aspect of this business you need to read this!

  • gabriellaopaz

    I agree Mark, although it is usa focused, I think it’s a great start to create a dialog about social media’s influence on the wine industry.

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