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This post starts a new series on the blog where posts will be written by some of the members of our community. The first post was written by Hugo Mesquita, a long time Adegga member. (see end of post for a short bio)

I have just spent a lovely evening with my family and friends last Saturday, celebrating my 35th birthday.

Being totally conscious that I know very little about wine, my passion for it made me bolder and willing to convince them to love wine as much as I do and try to get them to know it better. Therefore, I decided to take the chance and organize a wine tasting! I asked for the help of Nuno, the owner of the Restaurant Neptuno (a gorgeous place at Aguda Beach, Arcozelo, Portugal, right next to Miramar golf course), and he allowed us to (ab)use their hospitality and welcome a wine tasting at their fabulous place right by the beach. The point was that we could all enjoy the fantastic sunset while tasting the wines and the great delicacies that Nuno and their team prepared for us at his restaurant.

This evening was powered by Adegga. I took my laptop and connected it to the large screen on the restaurant, in order to present the wines as long as we were tasting them. So, when we tried a different wine, I was showing the page at Adegga about that same wine and everyone could share the information and opinions “online”. Of course that we did all to impress our guests, and so additionally I provided information about the wine regions, grape varieties, etc. We also handed out the aromas wheel and all the necessary gear for everyone to write down their tasting as long as we went.

Among other things, I got a fantastic T-shirt as present

Knowing in beforehand that none of us are wine specialists in anyhow, we started out with a small trick that Andre Ribeirinho taught me: we served the same wine (a Vinho Verde Loureiro, very aromatic) in three different glasses – typical whisky glass, typical long drink glass and wine glass – to prove that the glass has major influence on our senses and on the way we taste the same wine.

We then spent a magnificent evening, with a journey around Portuguese wines – you can see the list below and my impressions over at Adegga – and then moved into the fantastic dishes that Nuno’s staff prepared for us for dinner.

Quinta do Ameal Loureiro 2008
Alvarinho Soalheiro 2009
Aveleda Follies Chardonnay e Maria Gomes 2007
Cortes de Cima Syrah 2005
Cavalo Maluco 2006
Ex Libris 2006
Quinta Do Portal Late Bottled Vintage 2000
Rozés Noble Late Harvest 2008

We fell in love with many of these wines, really! After tasting some of them, we do not really feel like coming down again!

Thank you all for helping organize it and for those who enjoyed it, we must do it again!

Bio: Hugo Mesquita is a wine and cork lover, who happens to travel around the world in places where you have rarely been. Hugo has been working for Amorim for over 12 years. He is Area Sales Manager in charge of the Eastern European and Asian markets.

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  • botto

    Happy belated B-day Hugo!

  • Carrie Jorgensen

    Hugo, I am happy and honored that our Syrah could play such an important role on such a great birthday celebration! :-) Also, thanks for sharing this post with us!

    By the way, I did get to the Portuguese pavilion at EXPO Shanghai, just a couple of days before you were there. Loved the Portuguese pavilion! Great use of cork, and great video presentation! Congratulations to Portugal for this big PR success! You can catch photos of the pavilion and from our Portuguese winemakers visit to China on Cortes de Cima’s Flickr page.

  • Hugo

    Dear Botto, thanks for your wishes!
    Dear Carrie, thank you for your kind words! You have no idea what effect your Syrah has on people (I think that someone fell inlove that night ;-) )!
    Indeed, the Portuguese pavillion is great and the natural look that cork gives it is not only high tech but also quite modern in design. A natural touch – Portugal dressed in cork at Shanghai! Our event was a major success – I’ll write about it quite soon. I am sorry that we could not meet there, but I guess that we will have many opportunities to see each other, catch up and share more innovative ideas. Cheers! Hugo

  • Paul

    Hugo – My Friend, congratulations. These milestone birthdays are important. Naps become important, making notes on things that you are supposed to do become important and finding the note that told you take a nap are even more important.

    Happy Birthday again!!


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