Adegga Selection: Buy wine selected by the community!

Today we’re launching an exciting new feature that will make Social Wine Discovery even more interesting! We’ve called it Adegga Selection and here’s all about it:

What is Adegga Selection?
Adegga Selection is a new wine promotion service where, every 2 weeks, community selected wines will be featured and sold. Adegga Selection will help wine lovers find great wines at great prices with the help of the Adegga community.

How are the wines selected?
Every week wine producers send us new wine samples to taste. Instead of tasting them ourselves we think the community should have that opportunity. Every couple of weeks we’ll organize a tasting event where we’ll bring all these wines to taste. Occasionally we’ll also ship the wine to active Adegga community members. Then if the wine is considered to be interesting (through online reviews, comments, etc) it will join the Selection wine list and it will be featured in one of the next 2-week slots.

What type of wines will be featured?
We’ll be featuring new launches, community favorites and exclusive wines.

When is a new Selection offer available?
Every 2 weeks. Subscribe to Adegga Selection or follow us on Twitter using adeggaselection to know immediately when we launch a new offer.

Where is it Adegga Selection available?
Adegga Selection is only available in Portugal for now. We plan to extend this to other countries in the next few months.

What? Is Adegga now a wine shop?
Definitely not. Adegga Selection is a wine promotion tool that gets people talking about a group of wines. These wines will always be sold in limited quantities and we’ll continue to link to all wine shops like we’ve been doing since the beginning. We think selling limited quantities of a wine is a great way to help wineries promote their wines and to show how the Adegga community can help other people choose wine.

Who ships the wine?
We do. Adegga negotiates each promotion directly with the wine producer and then the team processes each order.

I’m a wine producer, how can I participate?
If you’re a wine producer and you’re interested in having your wines featured please email us at

I have an unanswered question!
Contact us via

Adegga is a wine community that helps people share wine experiences and wine producers promote their wines. With the new Adegga Selection (Twitter: adeggaselection) service we hope we can accomplish the above mission even better!

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  • Colin Smith

    Hope to see this in the UK some time soon.

  • admin

    Colin, the UK is definitely one of our priority markets and we’re already planning our next steps to launch Adegga Selection there. Thanks for the support!

  • Carrie Jorgensen

    How exciting! Sounds like a Winery Direct scheme! Here at the winery we get so many mails from people in other countries (like the UK) who can’t get hold of some of our wines. How great, if this will be possible!

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