Update: Yes, it was an April fool’s post! Everything is explained here.

For a long time people have been telling us that Adegga is a great community but it lacks the looks. We thought hard about creating a new design but decided for a much more interesting option.

We can now happily announce that we’ve reached an agreement to buy online wine community!


What will change?
Changes on Adegga and Corkd will happen in the next couple of weeks:

  • Corkd design will slowly replace Adegga’s design.
  • The name will remain (who names a wine site Corkd anyway?)
  • Corkd blog will be merged with Adegga blog and we hope that together they’ll be more often updated.
  • All wines on Corkd database will be moved to Adegga’s in order to improve quality and eliminate duplicates.
  • All wines on Corkd database will also automatically get an AVIN, our unique code for wines.
  • All wines on Corkd will finally show all the wine blogs that are talking about them.
  • All wineries on Corkd will automatically get a Profile and a Premium Account.
  • The Corkd community will finally be able to browse wines in French, Portuguese and Spanish.

As part of the agreement Gary Vaynerchuck, previous owner of corkd and host of the Web show Wine Library TV will come to Portugal in October to attend the next European Wine Blogger Conference.

While here he’ll be signing a couple of Portuguese wine bottles with his now trademarked tweet:
Not enough people are understanding that Portuguese wines are like twitter circa 2006.

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  • ryan

    Great news, is there a position open for VP of BS? :)

  • Corkd CEO

    You wish… Happy April Fool’s Day :-)

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  • ricard

    Will users with accounts on Cork’d and Adegga be able to merge their accounts? (Esp. if username is exactly the same). How big will the new database be (users/wines)? As big/bigger than Snooth? This is exciting. Congratulations. Also great because you’re bringing together old world wines and users and new world wines and users.

  • ricard

    Looks like I am an April Fool!

  • Andre Ribeirinho

    Ricard, thanks for your comment!
    I love this sentence “great because you’re bringing together old world wines and users and new world wines and users.” :)

    Maybe one day!

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