loves (but didn't buy it)

As we wrote our April fool’s post about buying we had no idea the reaction that it would get. We love Corkd (although we would like it to be further developed than it is).

Like with everything else in life we learned a couple of things with what happened.

  • We had dozens of positive reactions to the news and it feels good to know that there’s lot of expectation and support for Adegga. Thank you!
  • Even if it was April fools, it’s nice to get some link love from Techcrunch.
  • There was a very interesting reaction from a German blogger that did an interesting analysis of the news. Good to know that the German market is watching us. We’ll be there soon.

Thank you for believing in us (no pun intended!). You make us work harder everyday.

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  • buys |

    [...] Update: yes, it was April fools! Thanks everyone for the support and for believing in Adegga. For more information read the the post about what happened: loves (but didn’t buy it) [...]

  • plastikstuhl

    I totally agree. Corkd is cool but needs a lot of work… No development since month. Most def there is a need for an improved community…

  • buys | Blog –

    [...] Update: Yes, it was an April fool’s post! Everything is explained here. [...]

  • Daniel

    I liked this very much! It fit as I was comparing the traffic from and some dayse ago – so I had to add this to my post ;-)
    Can’t wait to see adegga in German! Can you tell us when it will be available?

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