Cork Stamps

There’s an ongoing discussion about wine closures, mostly between cork and screwcaps. Being from Portugal I get easy access to the relevance of cork in world of wine through daily news. Cork has been since 1600′s and is the most used wine stopper. It has its problems (potential relation to TCA) but also its virtues (sustainable resource). But this post in not about that debate, but about an interesting new way to use cork: stamps.

Cork Stamp

This stamp is a limited edition (230k) created by the national postal service of Portugal (CTT). It was designed by Portuguese designer João Machado and has sold out in Portugal.

From what I could read in a Portuguese newspaper there’s high technology involved in producing the stamp. Getting cork that thin is very hard.

Now that there’s cork this thin I can’t stop thinking of all the interesting things that can be done with that. I would imagine that wine labels made of cork could be an interesting marketing experience.

There’s one thing I can guarantee. TCA won’t ruin your letters!

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  • Mind Booster Noori

    Cork business cards for you, Adegga folks? ;-)

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