EV2009: Top 10 Portuguese Wines

This year at Essência do Vinho I was not able to taste a lot of wines. The venue is too small for the number of participants that the wine fair has these days. The ones I tried thought clearly show that there are some really good wines coming up to the market really soon.

There was a contest to elect the Top 10 Portuguese wines (at the fair of course). Ryan and Gabriella participated alongside a group of 20+ judges (including Spanish critic Jose Penin) to blind taste a group of wines and elect the The Top 10 Portuguese wines at the Essência do Vinho.

Top White Wine

  1. Soalheiro 2007 (wishlist to wishlist)

Top Red Wines

  1. Scala Scoeli 2006 (+ Wishlist)
  2. Vinhas da Ira 2006 (+ Wishlist)
  3. Quinta Vale D. Maria 2006 (+ Wishlist)
  4. Quinta das Tecedeiras Reserva 2006 (+ Wishlist)
  5. Quanta Terra 2006 (+ Wishlist)
  6. Herdade dos Grous Reserva 2006 (+ Wishlist)
  7. CV 2006 (+ Wishlist)

Top Portuguese Port Wines

  1. Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage Port 2006 (+ Wishlist)
  2. Dow´s Quinta Senhora Da Ribeira Vintage 2006 (+ Wishlist)

I made sure to tag them all with ev2009 on adegga so you can easily find this list and add them to your wishlist.

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