Help make an Adegga video

A few weeks ago we had this crazy idea of making a video to thank you all for being with us in 2008. We started thinking about what to include in the video and realized that it would be much more interesting if you could all participate!

So here’s what we thought. Film yourself (with a camera, mobile phone, webcam) answering 2 simple questions: Who are you? (name and location) and How do you describe Adegga in 3 words?.

Feeling shy? Drink a glass or two of wine then watch this video. You’ll be ready to film yourself!

Send us your video (or a link to youtube or vimeo) via email or add it in the comments below.

We’ll be receiving video clips until December 20th (ok, you lazy! We extended until 24th December). We’ll then stitch all videos together, post it here on the blog and send it with our next newsletter!

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  • José Eduardo

    Humm take 42, very late in the night! Please don’t me scared! Cheers!

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