How the Winerank is calculated

A while ago we developed something called the Winerank that is basically a ranking to describe how interesting a wine might be. The ranking is called social because it is based on the actions that each of the members of Adegga do for each wine. Lets see in detail how the process works.

Winerank: Social Wine Ranking

The algorithm is a bit complex but it basically takes into account a bunch of properties for each wine and combines them together in a final value. Here’s how it works, for example, for the Cortes de cima Reserva 2003:

We know that:
- 18 people have tasted the wine
- 12 people have marked it as a favourite
- 17 people own at least one bottle
- 17 people wish this wine

We first weight these numbers based on other wines and then add them to the formula. We also add a couple more weighted values for the remaining wine properties (average rating, number of notes, etc.). In the end we get a final value that determines the Winerank of the wine.

The Winerank is automatically calculated every day for all the wines in the database so it can take up to 24 hours for your actions to influence the final Winerank of wine and the order of the lists that you see when you browse wines on adegga.

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  • Mind Booster Noori

    Actually, I think you shouldn’t let people “favourite” a wine they still didn’t taste…

  • Jose Eduardo

    Thanks for using Cortes de Cima Reserva 2003.
    I guess Noori might have a point – I understand that I don’t have to check tasted I can go directly to favorite since I’ve been drinking it for quite sometime. But for a logic purpose it makes sense that if it is your favorite, the option tasted should also be checked. Don’t you agree?

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