How to Add a Wine to Adegga

Adding a wine to Adegga couldn’t be easier. We’ve redesigned the process and adding a missing wine it’s now even simpler.

With the help of form suggestions that show several options for what you actually want to write it is very easy to fill out the fields in the form. Adding a new wine takes just a few steps:

1) Write a wine name.
2) Write a year / vintage.
3) Choose a wine type (red, white, etc.).
4) Write a wine region (using the useful suggestions).
5) Choose a country.
6) Write the producer name (or choose from one of the suggestions).

And that’s it. You’ll then be redirected to the new wine where you can add a label or write a tasting note.

New wine details
With the redesign we’ve also included some extra wine details. It’s now possible to add things like (grapes) varietals, alcohol level and type of closure (cork, synthetic, screw cap) on the same page. All these new details are, of course, optional.

Here’s how the new form works (including form suggestions):

As always we give credit to all member who add wines to Adegga. Every wine features the name of the member who added that wine and the total number of wines added will show up on each member’s profile.

Thanks for suggesting all these new changes and for adding so many wines to Adegga!

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