Israeli Wine Direct

We love to see new startups in the wine business, specially the ones doing something really world-changing. Richard Shaffer is doing just that by launching Israeli Wine Direct.

Israeli Wine Direct

IWD is an online wine shop that is sourcing it’s wines from garagiste and boutique wine producers in Israel and selling them in America.

Using the Web as a marketing and sales tool, Richard is able to close the (normally big) gap between wine producers and their customers. The interesting fact is that he is doing that between Israeli wineries and American customers.

Richard has been telling all about his venture in his blog where he also writes about Israeli wineries and wine marketing.

I came across Richard Shaffer’s blog exactly while researching information on Israeli wines. I subscribed to his RSS feed and have been a reader since then.

This is the way slowly the world of wine is changing. We search for information online, we buy wine online and with initiatives like this we can more easily try wines from a different country.

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  • Richard Shaffer

    Thanks for your kind words, Andre!

    We want to use the Web to connect wine lovers with great boutique wines from Israel that they may never discover in bricks & mortar retail.

    It’s all about taking wine adventurers down deep into the Long Tail of great wines!

    Services like adegga that help guide and connect people with great wines are a major part of what’s great about the Web!


  • andre

    That’s exactly what we want to provide. Access to the Long Tail of Wine!


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