Meet-a-WineBlogger: Andrew Barrow from Spittoon

We’re starting a new weekly (hopefully!) Meet-a-WineBlogger feature. The idea is to help more people discover some of the amazing wine blogs and wine bloggers out there. Andrew Barrow (Adegga, Flickr) is our first guest.

Andrew is the host of Spittoon where he writes his tasting notes and other thoughts on wine related subjects including a lot about food pairing.


Interestingly Andrew also writes for The Guardian, is a food blogger at SpittoonExtra and maintains a couple of other sites.

Andrew has an Adegga Wine Blogger Account and frequently uses the AVIN trick to get his posts automatically indexed and linked back from us. We love his notes so we keep voting them up (he now has almost 80 useful votes).

I should add that Andrew is one our community members that uploads more photos of wines (and his photos are g-r-e-a-t, example here). So thank you Andrew!

One last thing, Andrew asked a while ago that we added a way to see who uploaded each photo. We’ve just added that nice detail to each wine page!

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  • Andrew Chapman

    Nice review of Andrew Barrow. His photographs are excellent and love his wine notes too. Lack of time has prevented me for doing too much with Adegga – until now. Looking closely…

  • Andrew

    Many thanks Andre – and Andrew – glad you both enjoy my ‘snaps’. Thanks too for Adegga…

  • Andre Ribeirinho

    To the many “Andrews” :) . Thank you!

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