Meet-a-WineBlogger: Ema, Nuno and Ricardo from Magna Casta

In the third post of our Meet-a-WineBlogger series I would like to let introduce you to Magna Casta, one of the most interesting Portuguese wine projects on the Web.

The Magna Casta team magnacasta

Magna Casta is mainly about the Portuguese wine world and if you’re interested in knowing more about Portuguese this is a great place to start looking. The site is in Portuguese but you can always navigate a translate version.

Magna Casta is authored by 3 people and all of them are on the top 10 active users of Adegga. Here’s where you can find them: emartins, under and scorpio

Magna Casta is very different from your usual wine blog in that it organizes information in an easy to find way. The site has 4 main sections: Wine where you can find wine reviews, Restaurants with reviews of restaurants in Portugal, Tourism with great descriptive articles of their winery visits and an Information section with such things as the Portuguese official wine regions.

You can follow them using the RSS feed but I would recommend dropping by the site once in a while and just loose yourself in the really good content.

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