Meet-a-WineBlogger: Mike Duffy from The Winery Web Site Report

This is the second post on the Meet-a-WineBlogger series which started with Andrew Barrow from Spittoon. Today we’re writing about a wine blogger that rarely writes about wine!

A few years ago Mike Duffy created a innovative product to help wineries better understand their websites. The Winery Web Site Report was a custom report that evaluated the website of a winery based on a set of 25 elements. Unfortunately for lack of demand the report is no longer published but, fortunately, the related blog still is.


The Winery Web Site Report blog is one of our favourite wine related blogs even if it is far from a regular wine blog. You won’t find any wine reviews, food pairings or comments about a winery. You will, however, find lots of information on helping wineries make their websites better. You’ll find such simple but very useful posts like Why Blogspot Is Not The Place For Your Winery Blog or The Most Useless Winery Web Site?.

Mike also maintains a very interesting list of winery blogs where you can find all sorts of examples of good and not so good winery blogs.

Why would this blog interest you? Mike follows a lot of what is happening about wine online. If you’re interested in wine and the Web, his blog is one of the best places to discover new stuff. We’ll definitely keep reading it!

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  • Smarter Stuff

    Brag Tag…

    A nice compliment from the folks at about my other blog…….

  • Mike Duffy

    Thanks for the shout-out! I’m flattered, and hope that my writing is helping someone out there.

  • Andre Ribeirinho

    Hi Mike, You’re welcome! Keep up the good writing!

  • The Winery Web Site Report

    My (early) Birthday Present from…

    OK, I’ve probably worn out my welcome with four posts in a single day, but it *was* my birthday after all.Here’s a early-birthday present from a couple weeks back from Meet-A-WineBlogger: Mike Duffy from The Winery Web Site Report.Thanks….

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    Great job on the post was waiting for someone to give this info

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