My Wines redesigned

We’ve redesigned the My wines page and it’s now much easier to manage your tasted wines, your favourites, your cellar and your wishlist.

My Wines at Adegga

Before, you had 4 separate lists and your wine information was split between them. With the new my wines you can for example know which of my favourite wines you still have in the cellar and many other new things.

For those of you who use Adegga to manage your cellar we’ve also added a way to indicate where the wine is stored (like shelf 1 or Bin 12) and a little comment field for such practical things as taking a note if this wine was a gift from a friend.

Wine cellar comment and location

In another update we’ve also added the 10 latest activities on each wine page. This will make it easier to check what members are doing with each wine at any time.

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