New Adegga T-Shirt!

We’ve just received the first ever Adegga t-shirt and it feels so good to wear something about what we so passionately work every day! Yes, we’re feeling proud!

New Adegga t-shirt

We ordered just one example but we might do more.
We need your opinion! Should we make more? Or should we make a new design?

New Adegga T-Shirt! New Adegga T-Shirt! New Adegga T-Shirt! New Adegga T-Shirt! New Adegga T-Shirt!

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  • ryan

    I like…though I think I want to order one with just “adegga” on it…more mystery!

  • HugoNS

    It looks awesome!
    I want one.

  • Andre Ribeirinho

    We thought about doing it with only “adegga” but only people who know us would know that “adegga” actually means wine cellar in Portuguese. :)

  • Sérgio Santos

    I love the color but I think “social wine discovery” lettering it’s a bit ugly compared with the “adegga” lettering.
    Nevertheless, it’s a must buy.
    Suggestion: what about a simple “a” over the front and “adegga social wine discovery” in the back of the t-shirt?

  • Andre Ribeirinho

    @Sérgio: I like both ideas. Social Wine Discovery lettering was an experience. It’s looks cool but odd at the same time. As for the “a” I thought about adding it. It’s a cool detail. I’ll add it next time! Thanks.

  • Levi Figueira

    How about just Adegga and add a small “.com” below the final “a”?? That would drive people to and gear curiosity… ;)

    Love the shirt though… So want one! =D

  • Andre Ribeirinho

    @Levi: Good idea. I think I’ll try that one. I’ll be making more shirts!

  • João Cintra

    What about an AVIN code bar in the back pointing to the

  • ricardo

    Quando é que posso encomendar uma tamanho XL?

  • Andre Ribeirinho

    @Ricardo, we will soon make it available online for anyone to buy! Thanks for the support!

  • Emidio

    @João Cintra

    I like this tip… maybe we do it. Thanks for the support!

  • Moses

    great job on the t-shirts guys! me like ;)

  • Jose Eduardo

    Me like 2! What do you think of the Adegga lettering with a QR Code (adegga url), at the end, inside of a target symbol “kind of saying shoot me”

  • iD Shirt®

    We love Adegga’s new t-shirt!!! Lets make it an iD Shirt®! Congrats for the blog too!

  • João Correia

    Nice André. I’ll have to order one too ! :)

  • Paul Burt

    Hey Andre,

    I think you should go to a different design. Something like this “” in an arch over the “social wine discovery”. Put a grape vine under the “social wine discovery”. Change the shirt color to green with the lettering to purple and the grape vine and grapes brown.

    I’ll buy at least one with what ever happens.

    Paul “rckr1951″

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