New Adegga Widget

We’ve updated the Adegga Widget and there’s now (literally) thousands of new ways to show your wines around the web.

Here are the available options for customization:

  • What do you want to display: from your tasted wines to your wishlist (7 options).
  • How many wines: from 1 to 30.
  • Labels: Show labels, Hide labels or show Just labels.
  • Widget Title:Show title, Hide title or write your Own title.
  • Colors: choose from 36-color palette or write your color code.

To install the widget on your site just copy & past the code that shows up below the widget preview on the Tools page.

Your style
If you would like to design your own widget we have an option for you too. Just select Hide all styles and start writing your own CSS rules.


These are some of the sites that are already using the Adegga Widget: one, two, three and four. Thanks for sharing!

If you’ve added the widget to your site, let us know so we can link it up from this post.

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