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Short URLs services make it easier to share links with other people. TinyURL and are two of the most famous and even Amazon is now offering a shortening service at

Being a platform for sharing wine we had to create our own short url service and what better than the AVIN (the ISBN for wine) and its domain at to be used for this.


Basically our service is limited to the wines on Adegga but for any wine there’s a url. The new URLs start with “” and should then be followed by a wine’s unique number, an AVIN. For example, the short URL for the wine Cortes de Cima 2004 is:

The new URL is available on the sidebar of any wine page to make it easier to share a wine on services like Twitter or Facebook.

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  • HugoNS

    That’s an excellent idea.

  • ryan

    2 ideas: first, I wouldn’t call it a short url service, those are pretty long! :)
    Second: shouldn’t there be a box/’shortener’ on the site? :)

  • Artur Martins

    Why the word “AVIN” should appear twice in the url: Make it possible to work the same way with!

  • Andre Ribeirinho

    Hi Artur, you’re absolutely right. Now both work! The one without the AVIN is shorter but the one with the AVIN uses the AVIN in it’s native format (AVIN1234567890123). Thanks!

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