The Big Tasting With Oz Clarke

Greetings Adegga Fans!

On Monday evening, The Big Tasting with Oz Clarke was held live online from the Lord Cricket’s Ground in London and broadcasted worldwide on the Web.

The event was done in an effort to showcase Portugal’s wide variety of wines and terroirs, in which 6 wines (1 white, 5 reds) were selected from 5 different regions and tasted live online with the help of our good friend Charles Metcalfe. The wines were available for purchase through Waitrose, but if you weren’t able to get them, you could still easily follow along with the tasting via the live video stream on the Big Tasting website.

We definitely wanted to participate in this event, so we organized our own local tasting here at the office (thanks to CoreFactor for the space!). Together with a group of friends we tasted the wines right along with Oz and Charles and were even also able to ask them questions directly through Twitter.

Local Portuguese Channel TVI was here for the tasting and later reported about it on the evening news. You can watch a video of the report here. Thanks Pedro for the recording and and we apologize ahead of time for the quality of the video.

You can check out what we thought of the wines (and send your comments too) directly on the Adegga The Big Tasting event page.

Special thanks to ViniPortugal, which together with Catavino and JK Marketing organized a great event!

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Bloggers visit to Freixenet

A video of the bloggers visit to Freixenet, one of the biggest Cava producers in the world.

Last week we were in Barcelona for Alimentaria 2010 integrated in a blogger’s visit to DO Catalunya.

We spent a day at the fair and during the rest of the week visited some of the wineries in the region. The first was Freixenet which one of the top cava producers in the world and own one of the most impressive (and the biggest) wineries I’ve had the chance to visit.

The visit included a lunch where we tasted some of Freixenet’s best wines and was followed by a complete tour through the underground levels (where the wine is made and stored). A small train takes visitors from one side of the winery to the one through thousands (if not millions) of cava bottles waiting for its time to be shipped to somewhere around the world.

It’s well worth the visit and if you happen to be in the region please stop by and spend some time there.

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Adegga at Alimentaria 2010 in Barcelona

Alimentaria 2010 is starting next week in beautiful Barcelona and we’ll be there to learn more about the Spanish wine market and meet some old friends.

Alimentaria is the most important international food and drinks exhibition in Spain and one of the world’s leading events of this type. It’s a very big event with over 4,000 companies and more than 100.000 visitors. Lots of meetings and food & wine tastings expected.

The amount of people from the Spanish wine world that are going to be at Alimentaria has made us really excited with the kind of opportunities that we might find there. We’re looking forward to meet the Spanish wine world!

Thanks to Catavino for supporting us and helping us be at Alimentaria.

If you’re going to be at Alimentaria and want to meet let us know. See you next week!

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Adegga@Events: SITT in Manchester & London

Two weeks ago, we were at the SITT – Specialist Importers Trade Tastings – event in both Manchester and London to promote our Adegga and the new Adegga@Events product. This product allows anyone organizing an event to create a dedicated list of wines for their event.

Here is the first event wine list that was Powered by Adegga:

The event ended up being a successful first test of the new product. A special thanks to Ryan and Gabriella of Catavino and to Judy Kendrick (and her team) of JKMarketing for a successful partnership in making this happen!

If you are interested in creating a dedicated wine list for your event, please contact us at We will be providing more detailed information about Adegga@Events in an upcoming post so stay tuned!

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Please welcome Andrea, our new Adegga contributor!

2010 has been a busy year so far for the Adegga Team! And because of this, our blog has been quiet lately from the lack of time we’ve had to post on it. But now, help is on the way!

We have asked fellow colleague and Catavino contributor Andrea Smith to help us out on the blog so you won’t miss out on any of the latest Adegga news.

Therefore, we’d like to welcome Andrea to the Adegga community as our new ghost writer.

For those of you who are not familiar with Andrea, she comes to us from the United States, growing up in Alexandria, VA, just ten minutes outside of Washington, DC. She’s been living in Lisbon, Portugal now for the past two years and has been a contributor for on Portuguese food and beverage for most of that time. Educated at The Culinary Institute of America, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Business as well as an Introductory Certificate from the Court of Master Sommeliers in 2004. Before moving to Portugal, Andrea had been working in the food and beverage industry for almost ten years with experience in just about every position in restaurants and hotels. She currently teaches Business English to professionals in Lisbon but in her free time and for her work in Catavino, she continues to research and study Portuguese wine and wine in general as well as the gastronomy culture of Portugal.

We hope then that you will continue to enjoy our Adegga Blog posts through the words of Andrea and her own stylistic touch that she will bring to them!

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Adegga and AVIN presentation at the EWBC 2009 (video)

Last October we had a chance of being on stage at the European Wine Bloggers Conference and present the work we have been doing at Adegga and the AVIN.

Below is the video of that presentation where during 10 minutes we do a tour of Adegga and show the cool stuff you can do like tracking the wines you’ve tasted and talk to other wine lovers. We then do a demo of the AVIN project including a quick example of Adegga’s mobile version and the direct access via QRCodes on wine labels.

Please enjoy the video:

(Filmed by VinusTV)

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We won our first award!

The Adegga team is feeling quite proud this week as one of our co-founders, André Ribeirinho (me*), has just been awarded as Wine Personality of the Year in Portugal by the DN based on the work that we’ve been doing in the last 3 years with Adegga and the AVIN.

Wine journalist Aníbal Coutinho wrote the newspaper article and ended it with a somewhat powerful message:

If you’re a wine producer or professional in the wine area and you’ve haven’t understood why I gave André Ribeirinho the award, make sure you’re not turning your back to the future of your business.

That certainly made us proud! Getting your work recognized is always good, but getting you’re worked praised like that is simply amazing!

An award is always a good time to look back so here’s a small recap of what we’ve done in the last 3 years.


We launched Adegga publicly almost 3 years ago as one of the first social wine communities on the Web. After 3 years Adegga still maintains its original goal of helping people track the wines that are drinking (to help remember later) and to share that experience with their friends.

Adegga now has over 100.000 unique visitors every month and includes over 10.000 tasting notes written by its members. Adegga is available in 6 different languages translated by some of our members. This is the real power behind Adegga, the Community!

We believe that together we, as consumers, are changing the wine world by creating a new wine recommendation era where trust and conversation are more important than status.

More recently we started working together with wine producers who can use Adegga to gather their online fans, talk about their wines or launch a new wine. Cortes de Cima and Quevedo are two of wine producers already doing it.

At the end of 2009 we organized the first ever Adegga Wine Market which was a tremendous success bringing together over 150 peoples and 15 wine producers who’ve enjoyed tasting and talking about wine together in an unusual set full of nice sofas and music. We’re already planning the next one.

AVIN, an ISBN for Wine

One of the projects that has been keeping us awake at night is the AVIN. We created the AVIN to solve the problem of having one wine being identified by several different names. We believe that like with books, every wine should have a unique number. This will help consumers get more information out of each bottle of wine and help them make smarter decisions.

One year ago we created the concept of Dynamic Wine Labels allowing anyone with a camera-enabled mobile phone to read the label and access wine reviews, wine prices and a lot more information from anywhere. Now, over 1 million wine labels have been printed with a Dynamic Wine Label including an AVIN and a QRCode. Please visit the AVIN website for more information on this specific project and to learn how to get your own AVIN.

European Wine Bloggers conference

In 2009 we also gave a lot of time to another project. Together with Gabriella and Ryan Opaz and Robert McIntosh we helped organize the European Wine Bloggers conference in Lisbon. The conference was a major success, gathering over 160 people including wine producers, wine bloggers and wine writers from around the World. The 2010 edition will be announced soon and we’ll certainly be a part of it.

So were are we heading?

The last 3 years were nothing short of amazing! We expect 2010 to be another great year as we have so many exciting things almost ready to be announced (including a redesign!).

  • We want Adegga to be even more social so we’ll be connecting even more with Facebook and Twitter.
  • We also want Adegga to be open so we’ve developed an API and we’re currently testing it before launching.
  • We’ve been also getting a lot of requests for a mobile application so we’ll be releasing an iPhone and an Android application.

Follow us everywhere
To keep in touch make sure you follow us on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook or subscribe our RSS. As always, you know our email so tell us about your ideas, bugs or just say hi!

* not too sound too much schizophrenic but André Ribeirinho and the author of this text are the same person. Me. :)

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Happy new wine year!

We wish everyone a wonderful 2010 together with lots of good wine!

The new year has started and we have an amazing list of things that we plan to do in the coming months. In 2010 we’ll be working on getting wine producers and wine lovers closer together in discovering this beautiful thing we call wine!

Just like we did at the Wine Market.

Happy 2010!

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The Adegga Wine Market was a success!

14 wine producers and 150 people got together for the first ever Adegga Wine Market and it was a success! Thanks everyone for coming! We had a great time and we’re already getting requests to organize another one!

Adegga Wine Market

We wanted the event to be different from any other wine event so we came up with a set of ideas that really helped drive the event experience:

  • The wine glasses: we bought high quality Riedel wine glasses and offered anyone who paid a ticket a free glass. It was probably the single most important decision we made as it contributed heavily to the overall experience.
  • Taste & Buy was the motto for the event. Being able to buy wine based on your own individual palate right after you tasted with the winery is the closest you can get from doing a visit to the winery. A winner amongst wine lovers.
  • The place: doing a wine event in a hotel or conference room is not attractive. Not at all. When we decided to do the event on one of Lisbon’s Theaters we knew were going to have a different feeling to it. The paintings on the walls and the carpet floor (that kids loved) really help to give the space a more relaxed look & feel.
  • The wine producers: we had a mix of big and small wineries. As per our request all of them sent either the owner, the winemaker or someone closely connected to any of them. We wanted the experience to be authentic, and it was.
  • The Wines: we had around 40 wines from 14 different wineries: Alves de Sousa, António Saramago, Azamor, Casal Branco, Cortes de Cima, Esporão, Herdade da Comporta, Herdade do Portocarro, Horta de Gonçalpares, Mark Stephen Schultz, Quevedo, Quinta do Cotto, Torre do Fradee Vale d’Algares.
  • The contest: with an Enomatic machine and the help of 4 wineries we put together a small contest where people had to guess the order of the bottles inside the machine. The prizes were 2 wine courses and 2 wine trips.
  • The media agency: every company has their own special skills. Our Active Media friends are professionals at communicating and have helped us get the message of the event to the right people.
  • The charity: early on the planning process we decided to setup a small partnership with Casa das Cores and offered a raffle where people could win one of three great Wine Packs.
  • The minglers: Nuno and Ema from wine site MagnaCasta were special guests at the event and were available the whole time to answer wine questions, introduce people to the producers and generally mingle with the participants.
  • The photographer: Mario Pires (aka Retorta) was our in-house photographer and took most of the photos you see below.

We are already planning on doing more wine events like this so stay tuned for the next one.

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A Wonderful EWBC 2009!

There’s so much to say about the last European Wine Bloggers Conference that happened in Lisbon and we’ve haven’t said a word.

First let me say that the second edition of the EWBC was special. Special for several different reasons. It was special because 150 people showed up in Lisbon (coming from around the World) to discuss wine and new media and it proved to be a worthwhile experience. It was also special because we had the opportunity of seeing again some of the people that have been changing the wine world by creating, writing, editing, wine-making and promoting like it hasn’t been done before. That takes courage and lots of work and it should be praised.

Finally it was special because every time we have the opportunity of sharing wine with good friends it should definitely be special.
Friends of wine
(Photo by Ryan Opaz)
Here are my thoughts trying to resume our view of the conference:

  • We are very proud to have been part of the team (with Ryan and Gabriella from Catavino and Robert from The Wine Conversation) that organized the EWBC.
  • We’re also proud to have hosted the 2009 edition in Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon is a great city to host an event and we heard very heart-warming comments about the food, the places but most of all the people.
  • More than 150 people attended the conference. A big increase from last year’s 40. Wine bloggers, wine writers, wine producers and many more wine lovers came from all over the World to share their passion for wine.

    (Photo by MagnaCasta)
  • The Douro Boys grand tasting was an impressive demonstration of what great wines supported by a great unified message can do. Everyone was impressed. Also, their 2-day trip to the Douro will definitely become a legend.
  • Charles Metcalfe final tasting was amazing. Not only we did the first ever Adegga screen-guided tasting but we also had the opportunity of hearing Charles singing in Portuguese (or so it seemed!).
  • More than 130 wines were available for tasting at the event. It was a great opportunity for Portuguese wines and a good number of Portuguese wineries showed up and supported the event. Well done!
  • ViniPortugal, the association that promotes Portuguese wines supported the event almost from the start. A great example coming from a national body.
  • Lots of other people supported the conference in one way or another: Vinhos do Alentejo, DOC-DMC, Douro Boys, Amorim, Esporão, Wine in Moderation, DO-Catalunya, Vinoble and L’AND Vineyards.
  • The design hotel was amazing and the staff were incredible during the conference. A high class hotel with an impeccable service record. Highly recommended.
  • The Eleven Restaurant was a nice night out with plenty of opportunities for nice conversations.
  • Lots of content is online regarding the event: videos of the talks, more than 1000 photos and lots of blog posts.
  • The final dinner (and following party!) was nothing short of amazing. A really friendly group got together after 3 days of talking wine and really enjoyed themselves. If there’s any proof that there’s special feeling of group behind the EWBC, the final dinner and party was definitely a confirmation of it.
  • We designed and produced a special handmade wine glass holder that we developed specially for the EWBC. We hope people found it useful and will be using it in the future.
  • Counting on the great number of nice comments of received around the Web I would say we did a great job of making sure everyone had WiFi throughout the conference.

Adegga & AVIN
We spent the event talking about Adegga and the unique code for wine we developed, the AVIN. We did a presentation and even included a live demo of the QRCode powered wine label. Everyone was impressed with the work we’ve been doing and we received great feedback! Thank you all so much for the support!
Andre Ribeirinho presenting Adegga and the AVIN
(Photo by Cortes de Cima)

I couldn’t end this post without making sure you watch this great EWBC video by the great Finkus Bripp:

We can’t wait for the 2010 edition of the EWBC. Wherever and whenever it happens you can be certain that we will be there!

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