Twitter Launches Wine (and gets AVINs)

Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder, announced a few weeks ago that Twitter will launch 2 wines through the The Fledgling Initiative:

The Fledgling Initiative aims to make awesome wine for the benefit of Room to Read, a non-profit organization extending literacy and educational opportunities to children worldwide. Every case sold will provide approximately 60 local language children’s books and promote education in the world’s poorest regions.

For each bottle you buy, $5 will be donated to Room to Read, a transformational non-profit that brings books, libraries and ultimately literacy to people in the poorest areas around the world.

We’ve added both wines to Adegga so both of them now have their unique AVIN codes:

To help promote the wines don’t forget to use their unique AVIN codes.

If you interested in the wines add them to your Wishlist!

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The Rubber Chicken at the Adegga HQ

A while ago Ryan Opaz spent some days in Portugal and he brought along his Twisted Oak’s Rubber Chicken (with which he is known for not traveling without). If you don’t know the rubber chicken you may want to read about it directly from El Jefe’s El Bloggo Torcido.

The chicken was trying to process our business card (which I’m sure it’s very tasty) while at the Adegga HQ. Taking our contacts is not surprising considering the fact that we already have gave an AVIN for each of Twisted Oak’s wines. She was obviously happy about it!

The chicken was definitely having fun and making sure other people did too.

It was a pleasure to have the Rubber Chicken here. I’m sure we’ll be able to visit her home back in the US when we get a chance!

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Faceted Search: Even Easier Wine Search

We have been working hard on making sure that searching for wine on Adegga is as simple and effective as it can be. A few months ago we’ve added full text search allowing people to search for things like Portugal red or france syrah. Now we’ve added Faceted Search.

What is Faceted Search?
Faceted Search is the ability for people to filter search results based on different criteria like wine type, country, region, year, etc. For each filter you’ll also know before clicking how many results you will get when applying the filter.

Here’s how the new faceted search looks like on the left column:

We hope this new search feature will help you when searching for wines on Adegga. As always if you have any feedback please let us know!

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Adegga Wine Market, Our First Wine Event

Oh yes! We’re doing a wine event and a cool one!

On December 8th we’ll be organizing the first Adegga Wine Market, a Taste & Buy Wine event where wine producers and wine lovers can get together to enjoy wine in a relaxed lounge like atmosphere!


There will be no stands or ties at the event and the venue will have sofas & lounge music in order to create the best relaxed wine tasting moment.

The first event will happen in Lisbon, Portugal but we have a few surprises to make sure wine lovers from around world can also participate!

As for the market part, any of the wines at the tasting will also be available to buy during the event so that you can pick your favorites and buy them for Christmas.

Date, Venue & Ticket
- The event takes place on Tuesday, 8th December 2009 from 2pm to 9pm.
- The events costs 5€ and includes a Riedel wine glass and a shop discount.

The venue is the Teatro Aberto located in the Praça de Espanha in Lisbon (see map). There’s plenty of parking space around and very easy access by subway or bus.

Let us know if your coming on the Wine Market page on Adegga or the Facebook Page.

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New at Adegga: Wine Events

With the European Wine Bloggers Conference fast approaching we’ve noticed how we couldn’t find a place to keep track of which wines we were going to taste at the event. So we’ve decided to launch a new section just for Wine Events.


For every event you can state if you’re Attending and, of course, leave a comment or a question about the event.

If you’re hosting a wine event make sure you add it here. You’ll then be able to add all the wines tasted at the event and track who is coming or might come.

We’ve just published the new feature so translations are not yet available for all languages. Apart from that, if you see something that should be fixed please let us know!

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Our EWBC09 *surprise* in the Making

The European Wine Bloggers Conference is fast approaching (next week!) and we’re becoming more and more excited about it. We’re also making sure our everything about our participation is as interesting as it can be.

We have been preparing a nice little surprise for everyone at the conference. Something that we developed with the help of a group of passionate crafters that love crafts as much as we love wine. All with 8m of Velcro, 200m cotton-tape, 3Km (!!) of thread and 6m of fabric!

You thought you could know it from the name? :)
Our table at the Adegga HQ during the last few days.

If you haven’t done so, check the conference program (that includes all the tastings and related events) and register for what is going to be a great event!

Any ideas of what we might be creating ? :)

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Wine Industry Gathering at WineFuture 09

Some of the more well known wine industry specialists will be in Rioja to attend the WineFuture 09 conference. Adegga is a media partner of the event and we’re also going to be present.


The speakers list includes such names as Robert M. Parker, Jr., Jancis Robinson, Oz Clarke, Gary Vaynerchuk and Ryan Opaz. A total of 35 wine speakers will be talking at the event.

With such an interesting group of people at one single event we can expect a great debate. Sessions will address such topics as The role of wine writers and critics in the future of the industry, The role of wine fairs and competitions as marketing and sales strategies , The importance of Internet for promoting sales and consumption and The importance of brands in the future of the industry.

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New Adegga T-Shirt!

We’ve just received the first ever Adegga t-shirt and it feels so good to wear something about what we so passionately work every day! Yes, we’re feeling proud!

New Adegga t-shirt

We ordered just one example but we might do more.
We need your opinion! Should we make more? Or should we make a new design?

New Adegga T-Shirt! New Adegga T-Shirt! New Adegga T-Shirt! New Adegga T-Shirt! New Adegga T-Shirt!

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European Wine Bloggers Conference 2009

The European Wine Bloggers Conference 2009 is fast approaching so we couldn’t be more excited!

The 2009 EWBC will take place from Oct. 30 to Nov 1st in Lisbon, Portugal and this year’s theme is The Future of the Social Wine Brand. You can expect lots of challenging conversations from winemakers, wine writers, wine bloggers, marketers, foodies, retailers and distributors from around the world.


Who should attend

  • Individual Bloggers who write about wine or the wine industry, no matter what their professional background is
  • Winery Bloggers who have a winery-related blog (special workshops will be available specifically for you)
  • Wine Retailers who have a blog, whether reach out to customers or even to the wine Press and the rest of the trade
  • New Media Innovators, such as foodies, travel, tech, designers, etc, who participate in the world of blogging and social media and have an interest in wine
  • Wine Industry Professionals who would like to learn about new media or interact with bloggers

For tickets, venue and hotel please check the details page.

We’re sponsors!
Adegga is a sponsor of the conference and we’ve been helping the organizers (Ryan and Gabriella from Catavino and Robert) with setting up the event.

Sponsors include Viniportugal, Vinhos do Alentejo, DOC-DMC, Douro Boys, Amorim, Enoteca de Belém, Herdade do Esporão and others. (if you’re interested in sponsoring the event contact the organizers at

Don’t miss
There’s lots of interesting things happening during the conference but be sure not to miss the Pre-Conference EWBC Gathering at Cortes de Cima Winery and the The Douro Boys Grand Tasting. I’m sure both will be unforgettable experiences.

Are you planning on attending?

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Ask your wine questions on the new Adegga Answers!

We’ve just launched a brand new service: Adegga Answers!

What is it?
Adegga Answers is a place where anyone can ask any question about wine.

Who answers the questions?
You, me and all the other members of the community can help you find an answer to your question.


If you’re following someone who posted a new question you’ll be able to see the question and the answers on your activity list. This way you can easily be updated when there’s a new question from one of your friends.

Adegga Answers is like Yahoo! Answers but for wine lovers. It’s a place where we can all discuss wine related subjects. If you’re wine novice please ask your questions! If you know a lot about wine this is the place to share your knowledge.

We hope you like it. Any suggestions or bugs please let us know. We’ll make sure to implement them quickly.

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