Port Wine at the ewbc2008

I was very happy to see that a couple of Port producers supported the European Wine Bloggers Conference in Rioja. One attended the conference and two others sent a few port wines for us to taste, but all made sure Port was well represented.

Quevedo Niepoort Taylor's

So what Port wines did we taste?
Óscar Quevedo was at the EWBC representing this winery. At the keynote tasting we had the opportunity to taste the Quevedo 10 Year Tawny.

Niepoort Niepoort
Dirk Niepoort gave us the opportunity to take some of his best wines to the event. The Niepoort Vintage 2005 was a huge success and everyone loved it. Some people were even wondering (dreaming?) how good this wine will be in 10 years.

Taylor Fladgate Taylor Fladgate
We had the opportunity to taste the Taylor’s Quinta De Vargellas Vintage 2005 from this well know Port producer.

I met some people who tried Portuguese wines at the ewbc for the first time and loved them. Some had already tried Port but not this Port, not quality Port. It was a revelation for many and I’m sure it will remain in their senses for quite some time.

I must say that sherry was also very well represented. Justin Roberts brought a few fine examples and was even sweet enough (pun intended) to bring sherry glasses for all of us. Thank you!

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  • http://www.ablegrape.com/ Doug Cook

    Wish I had gotten a chance to taste all three of the ports. I will say that Óscar’s 10-year Tawny was lovely, and was a great pairing with the chocolate and custard of the dessert. I shouldn’t comment about dessert before lunch, it’s making me hungry!

    Now that I’ve managed to get all of my pictures off of the iPhone (a saga which took a week of software upgrades), I need to get on with my EWBC post! You all are putting me to shame.

  • http://www.vinopigro.it Lizzy

    I do agree with Doug. Oscar’s Porto Tawny was very, very, VERY good!

  • andre

    @doug I’m anxious to see your post. You took sooooo many notes that I understand why it is taking a while to write that down on the digital medium.

    @Lizzy I guess we’ll have to get Oscar to join us next time too! :)

  • http://www.a1-webmarks.com/bm_info-3048639.html Amyreed87

    Good stuff, wish I read more about this!

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