Redesign! 30 days, 150 pages

We’re undergoing a small redesign. We’ve retouched some elements and recoded the layout of Adegga to make it work better on all browsers*.

We have more than 150 different templates* on Adegga and all of them need to be changed to the new code. We’re going to work on a couple of them each days and hopefully in 30 days we’ll have Adegga completely converted the new, faster code.

We have finished the first redesign on the producer page (examples here or here). The result is a faster loading page which is more beautiful and compatible with several browsers!


The renovation work will last for around 30 days, in the meantime let us know if you find any issues on the site.

* Mostly the problem is with Internet Explorer, please use Firefox.
* Each page on adegga is based on a specifically programmed template. For example for all the wine pages there’s only one template, for every wine producer page another template and so on.

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