Small changes, big improvements

We have been a little quite. Mostly because we’ve been working on improving Adegga and preparing some new things.

During the last couple of weeks we have split our time between small tweaks, architecture and design of some bigger things (topic for another post) and of course drinking wine (with Portugal playing like this we have lots of reasons to celebrate).

So what did we change? We did a bunch of little changes that make Adegga more interesting and easier to use:

  • New online wine shops: 15 to be exact, from around the world. With this we now have more prices on more wines so we decided to show the prices box on the sidebar of every wine page.
  • New Wine search: search results are now ordered by rating by default., there’s an option to display or hide wine labels on results and another option to select the number of search results per page (20, 40 or 60).
  • Search a wine using the AVIN: if you found an AVIN around the web (for example on the tags here or here) you can enter it on the wine search box and you’ll go directly to that wine.*
  • User homepage redesign: this is the page you see when you login. It now shows you how many wines you have in your cellar, on your wishlist and many you’ve tasted. The redesign also cleaned some unused options.
  • Faster blogs posts: we have improved the speed and readability of the list of blog posts for every wine wine. They now load much faster and are easier to read.
  • Bigger profile pictures (avatars): to see an example check the user page. This makes it much easier to see who’s adding a tasting note or making a comment.**
  • New favicon: as an indication to where Adegga design is going we have released our cool new favicon!.

* you can also search by AVIN using Adegga’s integrated search bar on Firefox or any other browser.
** We’ll be changing this in more places so this is a good time to update your profile picture. ;)

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