Tasting wine is simple

More than often I’ve seen people stay away from wine because it’s either seen as difficult to understand, complicated to learn or expensive. None of that is true (although it can be expensive) and anyone should be able to enjoy a good glass of wine without myths.

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the people who have been showing that wine can be simple to enjoy. He hosts a daily podcast about wine called Wine Library TV. Everyday Gary tastes a few bottles, gives a few tips and above all shows that wine is accessible to everyone.

On a recent video Gary shared with Kevin Rose (of social news site digg) a few tips on how to enjoy wine. This 7-minute video is a good example of the kind of attitude that is needed to be able to enjoy wine without restrictions.

Here’s the video:

A special note to Gary for pointing out (again) his love for Portuguese wines. We feel honored!

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