The Adegga Wine Market was a success!

14 wine producers and 150 people got together for the first ever Adegga Wine Market and it was a success! Thanks everyone for coming! We had a great time and we’re already getting requests to organize another one!

Adegga Wine Market

We wanted the event to be different from any other wine event so we came up with a set of ideas that really helped drive the event experience:

  • The wine glasses: we bought high quality Riedel wine glasses and offered anyone who paid a ticket a free glass. It was probably the single most important decision we made as it contributed heavily to the overall experience.
  • Taste & Buy was the motto for the event. Being able to buy wine based on your own individual palate right after you tasted with the winery is the closest you can get from doing a visit to the winery. A winner amongst wine lovers.
  • The place: doing a wine event in a hotel or conference room is not attractive. Not at all. When we decided to do the event on one of Lisbon’s Theaters we knew were going to have a different feeling to it. The paintings on the walls and the carpet floor (that kids loved) really help to give the space a more relaxed look & feel.
  • The wine producers: we had a mix of big and small wineries. As per our request all of them sent either the owner, the winemaker or someone closely connected to any of them. We wanted the experience to be authentic, and it was.
  • The Wines: we had around 40 wines from 14 different wineries: Alves de Sousa, António Saramago, Azamor, Casal Branco, Cortes de Cima, Esporão, Herdade da Comporta, Herdade do Portocarro, Horta de Gonçalpares, Mark Stephen Schultz, Quevedo, Quinta do Cotto, Torre do Fradee Vale d’Algares.
  • The contest: with an Enomatic machine and the help of 4 wineries we put together a small contest where people had to guess the order of the bottles inside the machine. The prizes were 2 wine courses and 2 wine trips.
  • The media agency: every company has their own special skills. Our Active Media friends are professionals at communicating and have helped us get the message of the event to the right people.
  • The charity: early on the planning process we decided to setup a small partnership with Casa das Cores and offered a raffle where people could win one of three great Wine Packs.
  • The minglers: Nuno and Ema from wine site MagnaCasta were special guests at the event and were available the whole time to answer wine questions, introduce people to the producers and generally mingle with the participants.
  • The photographer: Mario Pires (aka Retorta) was our in-house photographer and took most of the photos you see below.

We are already planning on doing more wine events like this so stay tuned for the next one.

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  • Maria Fernandes

    You definitely have to organize a new event!
    We won´t miss it!!

  • Blitz

    It was a very friendly and cosy event.
    I really enjoyed being there.
    Hope you keep organizing other events as pleasant as this one.


  • Lizzy

    Riedel glasses are the BEST! I think your event was simply great!!!
    and I’m so sorry it was impossible for me partecipate (I love so much Portoguese wines!)… :(
    Have a very, very Happy New Year!

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