The Big Tasting With Oz Clarke

Greetings Adegga Fans!

On Monday evening, The Big Tasting with Oz Clarke was held live online from the Lord Cricket’s Ground in London and broadcasted worldwide on the Web.

The event was done in an effort to showcase Portugal’s wide variety of wines and terroirs, in which 6 wines (1 white, 5 reds) were selected from 5 different regions and tasted live online with the help of our good friend Charles Metcalfe. The wines were available for purchase through Waitrose, but if you weren’t able to get them, you could still easily follow along with the tasting via the live video stream on the Big Tasting website.

We definitely wanted to participate in this event, so we organized our own local tasting here at the office (thanks to CoreFactor for the space!). Together with a group of friends we tasted the wines right along with Oz and Charles and were even also able to ask them questions directly through Twitter.

Local Portuguese Channel TVI was here for the tasting and later reported about it on the evening news. You can watch a video of the report here. Thanks Pedro for the recording and and we apologize ahead of time for the quality of the video.

You can check out what we thought of the wines (and send your comments too) directly on the Adegga The Big Tasting event page.

Special thanks to ViniPortugal, which together with Catavino and JK Marketing organized a great event!

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  • Justin Roberts

    I love that Emidio still has his EWBC09 hands free tasting device…

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