Under the hood

We’ve been making lots of small changes and improvements. Here’s a list of some of them:

  • We have a new dedicated server for the Database. Site is now much faster! Nevertheless we’re still fixing some server issues.
  • The WineRank is now visible on search results and updated every 24 hours for all wines on Adegga.
  • The pages for Editing grapes, Adding Tags and Adding labels have all been converted to the new design.
  • The homepage now includes a Featured review.
  • When you visit us via Google, we’ve included some unobstructive Google ads. It’s just a test for now. Pages from Premium producers don’t have ads.
  • The details for each wine (type, producer, other vintages, etc.) have been redesigned and are now easier to read.
  • The mobile site has been undergoing some design changes to better fit different mobile phones.
  • Internal Messaging System has been converted to the new design. It’s also easier to use now.
  • We’ve improved readability on the site. Lots of small css changes including font-size and color.
  • The community page has been redesigned.
  • We’ve been canceling a lot of spam accounts. Spammers are nowhere to be seen on Adegga!

A lot more stuff is being developed and will soon be online. If you have ideas for the site let us know. We’re all ears.

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