ViniPax and Lisbon Wine Fair

Thanks to our Premium Wine Producer Cortes de Cima we were recently in two great wine events showing Adegga and meeting a lot of new and interesting people.

ViniPax (1) is a wine fair in Beja, Alentejo that promotes southern Portuguese wines and wine producers. Along side the event, Aníbal Coutinho, the organizer, invited a very interesting group of wine journalists, bloggers and podcasters from around the World to discover the Alentejo wine region.

I met the group in a lunch at Cortes de Cima where Chef Bjarne Otto cooked another one of his great meals (thank you!).

This group included many people who I’ve knew from the Web but hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting face to face. I met Daenna Van Mulligen from WineDiva, Rebecca Leung from Wine is Beautiful, Suzanne Mustacich and Philippe Simon from ViniNews, Ellen Wallace from Geneva Lunch (who I knew before!) and had a great conversation with Jorge Lucki from Brazil. The group had around 20 people and unfortunately I didn’t get the change to meet everyone.

I spent only one afternoon on the event itself but had the chance of showing Adegga and the new Dynamic Wine Labels to some visitants.

1) Me, Carrie and Hans Jorgensen, José Eduardo Silva, Hamilton Reis and Helena Sardinha
2) Dynamic Wine Label on Cortes de Cima wine bottle. See more photos

Encontro com o Vinho 2008
Last week in Lisbon we were at Encontro com o Vinho 2008, an event organized by one of the main wine magazines in Portugal, Revista de Vinhos (2). The event gathers all the important wine producers and distributors in Portugal and is also very famous amongst consumers. It’s an event where people can taste new wines, talk to the producers and enjoy a few hours of very good wine and food.

For us the event was a great opportunity to showcase the new Dynamic Wine Labels. We demoed Adegga and the new labels to around 40 wine producers and the reactions couldn’t be better. We’re now working with a couple of new clients that are interested in our Premium Wine Producer Accounts and on adding the AVINs and the QRCodes to their wine labels.

Wine fairs are always a good opportunity to meet other wine lovers and wine professionals. Fortunately besides meeting lots of interesting people and getting very positive feedback we also got to enjoy fantastic wines!

(1) and (2) – There was a time where not having a website was understandable. Nowadays not having a site is losing a critical opportunity to promote yourself where people can actually find you. If you don’t believe my here’s why you should pay attention to the Web.

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  • José Eduardo


    Mais uma vez o nosso muito obrigado por nos teres incluído neste vosso projecto. Desculpa só agora comentar mas por vezes as 24 não chegam.

    Um grande abraço alentejano,
    José Eduardo

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