We won our first award!

The Adegga team is feeling quite proud this week as one of our co-founders, André Ribeirinho (me*), has just been awarded as Wine Personality of the Year in Portugal by the DN based on the work that we’ve been doing in the last 3 years with Adegga and the AVIN.

Wine journalist Aníbal Coutinho wrote the newspaper article and ended it with a somewhat powerful message:

If you’re a wine producer or professional in the wine area and you’ve haven’t understood why I gave André Ribeirinho the award, make sure you’re not turning your back to the future of your business.

That certainly made us proud! Getting your work recognized is always good, but getting you’re worked praised like that is simply amazing!

An award is always a good time to look back so here’s a small recap of what we’ve done in the last 3 years.


We launched Adegga publicly almost 3 years ago as one of the first social wine communities on the Web. After 3 years Adegga still maintains its original goal of helping people track the wines that are drinking (to help remember later) and to share that experience with their friends.

Adegga now has over 100.000 unique visitors every month and includes over 10.000 tasting notes written by its members. Adegga is available in 6 different languages translated by some of our members. This is the real power behind Adegga, the Community!

We believe that together we, as consumers, are changing the wine world by creating a new wine recommendation era where trust and conversation are more important than status.

More recently we started working together with wine producers who can use Adegga to gather their online fans, talk about their wines or launch a new wine. Cortes de Cima and Quevedo are two of wine producers already doing it.

At the end of 2009 we organized the first ever Adegga Wine Market which was a tremendous success bringing together over 150 peoples and 15 wine producers who’ve enjoyed tasting and talking about wine together in an unusual set full of nice sofas and music. We’re already planning the next one.

AVIN, an ISBN for Wine

One of the projects that has been keeping us awake at night is the AVIN. We created the AVIN to solve the problem of having one wine being identified by several different names. We believe that like with books, every wine should have a unique number. This will help consumers get more information out of each bottle of wine and help them make smarter decisions.

One year ago we created the concept of Dynamic Wine Labels allowing anyone with a camera-enabled mobile phone to read the label and access wine reviews, wine prices and a lot more information from anywhere. Now, over 1 million wine labels have been printed with a Dynamic Wine Label including an AVIN and a QRCode. Please visit the AVIN website for more information on this specific project and to learn how to get your own AVIN.

European Wine Bloggers conference

In 2009 we also gave a lot of time to another project. Together with Gabriella and Ryan Opaz and Robert McIntosh we helped organize the European Wine Bloggers conference in Lisbon. The conference was a major success, gathering over 160 people including wine producers, wine bloggers and wine writers from around the World. The 2010 edition will be announced soon and we’ll certainly be a part of it.

So were are we heading?

The last 3 years were nothing short of amazing! We expect 2010 to be another great year as we have so many exciting things almost ready to be announced (including a redesign!).

  • We want Adegga to be even more social so we’ll be connecting even more with Facebook and Twitter.
  • We also want Adegga to be open so we’ve developed an API and we’re currently testing it before launching.
  • We’ve been also getting a lot of requests for a mobile application so we’ll be releasing an iPhone and an Android application.

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* not too sound too much schizophrenic but André Ribeirinho and the author of this text are the same person. Me. :)

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  • http://charles.nouyrit.com Charles Nouÿrit

    Gratz André,

    You really deserve it, I remember when you shared with me this great idea of the AVIN code
    Keep the good work ;)
    Hope to see you soon

  • http://www.cortesdecima.pt Carrie Jorgensen

    Congratulations! Andre, both Ribeirinho and Cid, Ermidio Santos, and pls let’s not forget Beatriz! Congratulations also to Anibal Coutinho for choosing the best man! We wine producers are counting on you to keep on innovating to make Adegga the best social wine community on the web! It’s quite a challenge, but you can do it! We are rooting for you! ;-)

  • http://www.vinopigro.it Lizzy

    We write about your last adventure (ISBN for wine) in our professionl blog for Italian public:


  • http://www.vino-valencia.com Piet

    Congrats André, you and Adegga deserve this award!

  • Andre Ribeirinho

    @Charles: You were one of the first to have ever heard of that “crazy” idea!

    @Carrie: Thank you for your continuing support and for being a believer on the project from day 1.

    @Lizzy: Thank you! I’m waiting for the first Italian winery to start using the AVIN. :)

  • http://www.thewinetipster.co.uk The Wine Tipster

    Congratualtions and keep rocking in promoting Portugal.
    The Wine Tipster

  • botto

    Congratulations folks!
    It has been exciting watching Adegga grow since I signed up in 09. Great ideas, and much more to come.
    Good job,

  • Henrique

    Dear André,

    Congratulations. As a newcomer at Adegga, I’m impressed. You make a really good work.

  • Paul

    Andre, et al – Tremendous! You and the gang of yours has done a heck of a job. The easy banter between people almost creates a chat room type of atmosphere not found anywhere else.

    From across the “pond” -
    Congratulations guys

  • Andre Ribeirinho

    Thanks Paul for being such a good supporter!

  • http://www.dobox.com/ Bruce

    Dear André,

    Congratulations. As a newcomer at Adegga, I’m impressed. You make a really good work.

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