Welcome to 2009!

A little bit later than usual but here we are to wish you an splendid 2009 with lots and lots of wine (buying, drinking and selling)!

I have a couple of quick updates:

  • We’ve spent December mostly fixing little bugs. After we launched the new homepage and change home to a new server we have have been ironing out a few issues here and there. If you see anything not working let us know via this feedback box!
  • Christmas was crazy as usual as everyone is searching for wine online (isn’t wine a lovely gift!). We had a spike on traffic with a lot of new users joining the community. Welcome to you all!
  • Our video is a bit delayed. Some people desperately want to participate but took a little longer to send their videos and made us a little late. No worries. A couple more days and it will come out! Promise.

I’ll be back soon with some exciting posts!

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