We're faster and have an improved homepage

We keep making small improvements to make adegga even better!

Better, Faster, Stronger
We’ve improved a lot of small details that will make navigating adegga so much faster. As an example our new homepage is loading 4 times faster and a typical wine page will load twice as fast as it used to. All thanks to the tips taken from this optimization best practices article of the performance team at Yahoo.

Homepage update (now with wine regions)
We’ve also updated the homepage with small design details and a new improved wine region navigation that lets you easily browse wine regions for each country. If you’re using Adegga from Portugal this is how it looks:

Share this wine
More and more people are bookmarking and sharing a wine from adegga on Twitter (btw, here’s our twitter account). So we’ve added something that will save you some time when sharing each wine. Using these buttons Share this wine you can easily jump to the site of your choice with the url of the wine (sometimes with the wine name too). Besides Twitter and del.icio.us it also works on facebook, Google Bookmarks and Furl. (if you would you like us to add another service let us know).

iPhone icon
And last (but not least) as requested by Diogo we’ve added a specific icon for the iPhone. When you bookmark adegga on the iPhone you’ll be able to automatically use the typical adegga icon and then comfortably use our mobile version:

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  • http://mindboosternoori.blogspot.com Mind Booster Noori

    if you would you like us to add another service let us know

    Friendfeed please ;-)

  • jose

    do you have APIs so we can create our own application with our wine information?

  • http://blog.delaranja.com Andre Ribeirinho

    Hi Jose,
    we have the API almost finished and would love to get in touch to start using it.

    Can you email me at andre@adegga.com so we can talk that?

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