Wine Blog Search Engine and More

We have been busy developing new stuff at Adegga and we’ve finally launched the new features.

Here’s what we’ve added:

We’re fixing some minor bugs so if you find any or have any suggestion please let us know.

Wine Blog Search Engine
From all the new features the wine blog search engine is the one we’ll be talking a lot more in the near future. Information about a wine is not only about it’s tasting notes or technical information. There’s lots more information that is useful and available these days so we’re integrating new sources of information in order to provide access to even more useful information for each wine.

We’re indexing more than 400 wine blogs. It’s now easy to search all these blogs or check what are the latest news.

Together with the wine blog integration we’re finally deploying an interesting way to use our unique code for each wine – the AVIN. This code basically lets us track what is being said about a wine online and at the same time gives wine bloggers more visits and targeted visibility. See for example this wine Cortes de Cima Reserva 2003.

If you’re a wine blogger and want to learn how to get your posts listed please read this.

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