Wine Blogger Accounts and Wine Bloggers List

We think that Wine Blogs are one of the best things that ever happened to the wine world. Wine bloggers have been doing an amazing job connecting wine and people. There’s a big conversation going on and fortunately even some wineries are starting to follow (for two good examples check Pinotblogger and El Bloggo Torcido).

Because we think that this conversation is healthy and important we want to help more people find out what is happening on the wine blogosphere. We have some ideas on how to do that. This are the first two.

Wine Blogger Accounts
A few months ago we started testing a special account type for wine bloggers. Having this account makes it easier for anyone to find, read and follow a wine blogger. Every wine blogger who has an account on Adegga receives a nice little yellow star that appears everywhere next to the username (on profile, tasting notes, etc).

adegga wine blogger account
(Here’s Gabriella Opaz – from wine blog Catavino – profile)

Wine Bloggers List
We have always wanted to add more interesting information to our people page. Adegga is about people, after all. We already had which users were most active and which one had recently signed up. However, one of the things we wanted to add was a place to find which Wine Bloggers were using Adegga. And we finally added that. Now in this page we have access to the list of Wine Bloggers using Adegga ordered by the number of people following them. Here’s a screenshot:

Top Wine Bloggers

We have a lot more features to help wine bloggers. If you’d like to have one of this accounts please leave a comment bellow or contact us directly.

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  • Jill

    Great idea and congrats on the launch! This is a nice way to cross promote one another.

  • andre

    Thank you Jill. We’ll be releasing some more features related to this. Stay tunned :)

  • winehiker

    Andre, I’d like to join! Thanks for the good work you’re doing.

  • andre

    Hi winehike, I’ve just send you an invitation. :)

  • Joe

    Hi – sounds like a cool idea, and I’m digging the spirit behind the site.

    I’d love to join up, thanks!

  • SB Wine Advocate

    Andrew, I’d like to join. This looks pretty cool!

    Amy ( SB Wine Advocate)

  • andre

    Hi Amy, I’m sending an invite now.

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  • eljefe

    hi Andre – I just set up an account but I guess I need you to make it a wine blogger account…?

    Thanks very much for the nice note!

  • andre

    Hi eljefe,
    welcome to Adegga! I’ve just upgraded your account. Should be visible on your profile.

    Any question let me know,

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